NFI Industries

  • DIKE, TX, United States
Full time
NFI Industries Camden, NJ, USA
The Transportation Management Account Manager is responsible for the operational execution for one or many pieces of business while working at a customer headquarters, warehouse, or site-specific location. This position includes the management of people, process, organic growth, and customer satisfaction. Essential Duties & Responsibilities: Daily operational point-of-contact for client Provides guidance and training to TM operations and customer on program systems and processes Initiate continuous improvement strategies that improve internal and external operations Correspond with the NFI team in Camden, NJ, and work collectively to manage client expectations and the holistic transportation management program Create custom operational procedures for individual customers that include the management of daily shipment activity, route guides, exception management, and resolution processes, appointment scheduling, tracking initiatives, carrier procurement, spot market management,...
Sales Transportation
Full time
NFI Industries Burlington, NJ, USA
The Transportation Manager effectively manages the dedicated fleet operations and has full P&L responsibility. In addition, they will exceed customer expectations and develop additional business opportunities for NFI. The Transportation Manager is the person ultimately responsible for that operation. Essential Duties & Responsibilities: Operations Management Manages day-to-day operations of facilities and subordinate staff including supervisors, coordinators, clerks, spotters, and drivers. Accountable for interaction with the customer on an ongoing basis regarding customer reviews and continuous improvement Develops and manages a comprehensive strategy for the project by shaping requirements, assessing deliverables and utilizing resources to help eliminate process problems. Plans long-term labor needs based on sales, forecasts and historical data Develops a strategic plan to ensure the efficient and cost effective operation and utilization of the equipment and personnel....