East Penn Mfg. Co.

East Penn is a 75+ year old, privately held leader in battery manufacturing & energy storage solutions.  The company employs over 9,000 people throughout North America across 100 facilities (2 manufacturing locations, 7 distribution centers, and 90+ sales/service warehouse branches).   East Penn also has a global presence through manufacturing operations & partnerships in China, Europe, Mexico & South America. 

East Penn is a stable, essential employer, and has been voted one of the Best Places to Work in PA for 20 years, including 2021!

At East Penn, our employees are our culture; our employees will always be the heart of the company.  We are a private, family-owned enterprise committed to cultivating an atmosphere that honors the contributions of everyone.  We want our employees to have long-term careers, and many do.  More than 38% of our workforce has over a decade of service.  Our open-door management policy, comprehensive benefits package, employee appreciation and recognition events, and career advancement opportunities are just some of the ways we show our employees how incredibly valued they are.