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We understand that it having a strong supply chain team is critical for enabling revenue growth, strengthening margins, mitigating business risks, and gaining market share.

To get there, you need expert-level advice and resources to help you improve your ability to attract, hire, develop, and retain supply chain talent.

Supply Chain Talent Resources

One weak link on your team can throw a wrench into your supply chain, leading to missed sales opportunities, excess or obsolete inventory, tanked margins, and a loss of customers.

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Latest Supply Chain Talent Resources

Building Your Virtual Supply Chain Career

By |February 10, 2022|

More and more supply chain employers are finding ways to provide virtual career development opportunities. The growth and volatility along with the talent shortages in various industries and functions across the supply chain is forcing this adjustment. Does that mean you have a chance to grow your supply chain career virtually?

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How to Hire a Supply Chain Professional in 2022

With supply chain hiring projected to bounce back in 2022, we have created a guide comprised of tips, tactics, and strategies designed to help organizations improve their ability to attract, hire and retain supply chain talent.

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