Supply Chain Careers Website FAQs

Why was Supply Chain Careers created?2021-03-10T17:53:02-05:00

We noticed there was a massive gap in the supply chain industry that was lacking information and resources on how individuals could advance their supply chain careers. Low and behold, Mike Ogle approached Rodney Apple, then later Hinesh Patel came on board, and a few months later Supply Chain Careers was born!

What is the Difference Between and is the URL for our main website. And is the URL for our Job Board.

How can I advertise or sponsor with Supply Chain Careers?2021-03-10T17:56:31-05:00

Head over to our advertising and sponsorship page and fill out the appropriate form on how we can partner together!

What are the different tools and resources Supply Chain Careers has to offer?2021-03-10T17:58:14-05:00
How can I contribute content to Supply Chain Careers website?2021-04-08T15:33:56-04:00

Head over to our share a story page and submit your article to us! We love to feature quality content and help with SEO and backlinks.

Supply Chain Careers Job Board FAQs

How does the pricing work and how much is it to post a job?2021-03-10T17:59:39-05:00

For all things related to pricing – head over to our pricing page!

How long do I have to post my job listing after purchasing?2021-03-10T18:00:01-05:00

There is no expiration date on a job once your purchase it

How long is my job posting live for on the job board?2021-03-10T18:00:40-05:00

Jobs are listed on the supply chain careers job board for 45 days from the start date

Do I have access to all applicants that apply to my job listing?2021-03-10T18:01:07-05:00

You have INSTANT access to all the applicants that apply to your job listing

Can I delete my job posting anytime?2021-03-10T18:01:26-05:00

Yes, you can delete your job posting(s) anytime.

Can I edit my job posting once I post it and make it live?2021-03-10T18:02:13-05:00

Yes, you can edit all parts of your job posting – excluding the position title and location.

Can I pay for an unlimited job subscription?2021-03-10T18:02:52-05:00

No, but you can purchase as many job postings as you would like

Supply Chain Careers Podcast FAQs

What is the purpose of the Supply Chain Careers Podcast?2021-03-10T18:03:24-05:00

The goal of this podcast is to have genuine conversations with today’s leading supply chain professionals that give insights into how individuals can advance their careers within supply chain.

Who are the hosts of the Supply Chain Careers Podcast?2021-03-10T18:03:43-05:00

The hosts are Rodney Apple, Mike Ogle, and Hinesh Patel.

Where can I find the episodes of the Supply Chain Careers Podcast?2021-03-10T18:04:17-05:00

You can find the podcast episodes here on our podcast page!

Is the podcast featured on Spotify and Apple?2021-04-08T15:46:09-04:00

Yes, our episodes are featured on Spotify and Apple! You can also go to our podcast page and look at the other podcast platforms we are featured across!

How long is each episode generally?2021-03-10T18:06:58-05:00

Generally, each episode is about 35 – 50 minutes long.

How can I sign-up to be notified when a new podcast episode is released?2021-03-29T13:29:52-04:00

Go here and click subscribe! We will email you for every new episode we release!

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