Podcast Episodes

Podcast: former Fortune 500 Chairman, President and CEO - Neil Novich

September 21, 2021
Neil Novich, former Chairman, President and CEO of Ryerson, talks with us about different qualities sought-after in supply chain professionals.

Podcast: Supply Chain Planning Leader - Jeff Ziegler

September 16, 2021
Jeff Zeigler, Supply Chain Planning Leader, talks with us about transitioning through different supply chain industries.

Podcast: EVP of Supply Chain, at Penguin Random House - Annette Danek

September 8, 2021
Annette Danek, Executive VP of Supply Chain, talks with us about discovering an interest in the field of supply chain.

Podcast: former President & CEO, at Momentive - Jack Boss

August 31, 2021
Jack Boss, former President & CEO at Momentive, talks with us about the importance of international supply chain experience.

Podcast: Vice President, HR Business Partner at Shiseido - Jodi Gorenstein

August 25, 2021
Jodi Gorenstein, Vice President, Human Resources Business Partner at Shiseido, talks with us about self-awareness in career development.

Podcast: Director of Supply Chain Analytics at The Home Depot. - Gonzalo Cordova

August 11, 2021
Gonzalo Cordova, Director of Supply Chain Analytics at The Home Depot, talks with us about developing your own continuous professional improvement

Podcast: Head of Operations for Clarity Cosmetics Inc. - James Jacobe

July 27, 2021
James Jacobe, Head of Operations for Clarity Cosmetics Inc. talks with us about the importance of creating a career plan.

Podcast: Global Planning Leader at Westinghouse Electric - Steve Rudnicki

July 20, 2021
Steve Rudnicki, Sr. Manager, Global Supply and Scheduling at Westinghouse Electric talks with us about understanding new career challenges.

Podcast: Managing Director at CBRE - Ben Cook

July 8, 2021
Ben Cook, Managing Director of Reliability and Maintenance Engineering at CBRE talks with us about learning how to lead rather than dictate.

Podcast: Supply Chain Leader - Brad Taylor

June 30, 2021
Brad Taylor, Leader of Workplace Services of Radial talks with us about the value of having on-the-floor operations experience

Podcast: Last-Mile Logistics Expert - Tim Dreffer

June 23, 2021
Principal and Last-Mile Logistics Expert with Aesculus Group LLC talks with us about how networking is a life-changing practice.

Podcast: Systems Engineering Director - Lowe's Home Improvement

June 15, 2021
Systems and Support Engineering Director with Lowe's Home Improvement talks with us about supply chain team dynamics & having fun.

Podcast: Industry Liaison - National Center for Supply Chain Automation

June 9, 2021
Industry Liaison for the National Center for Supply Chain Automation talks with us about advancing from an entry-level warehouse position to being a supply chain leader.

Podcast: COO at Lenovo - Renee Ure

June 1, 2021
Renee Ure, Chief Operating Officer at Lenovo’s Infrastructure Solutions Group (ISG), talks with us about global responsibilities for supply chains.

Podcast: Reverse Logistics Association Executive - Tony Sciarrotta

May 25, 2021
Tony Sciarrotta, Executive with the Reverse Logistics Association, talks with us about building a career within reverse logistics.

Podcast: Fashion Education Professional - Jacqui Jenkins

May 18, 2021
Jacqui Jenkins, Fashion Education Professional focused on Innovation and Strategy, talks about Fashion Supply Chain Management.

Podcast: Principal at ECG - Chris Gaffney

May 12, 2021
Chris Gaffney, Principal at ECG. Former VP of Supply Chain & Logistics at Coca-Cola talks about using your relationship penny jar

Podcast: Education Executive - Kate Vitasek

May 5, 2021
Kate Vitasek, Vested Business Model Architect, and Faculty, Univ. of Tennessee talks about career surfing in supply chain.

Podcast: Vice President at Fortna - Dr. Russ Meller

April 28, 2021
Dr. Russ Meller, VP of Solution Design and Research & Development at Fortna talks about hard and soft skills in supply chain.

Podcast: Vice President of Global Supply Chain at Amway - Deb Parme

April 28, 2021
Deb Parme, Vice President of Global Supply Chain at Amway tells us her story from transitioning from an accounting career to supply chain.

Podcast: Executive Director for the American Logistics Aid Network - Kathy Fulton

April 20, 2021
Kathy Fulton, Executive Director for the American Logistics Aid Network tells us how the collection of nonprofits works together to provide logistics services during disasters and crises

Podcast: Featuring Global Supply Chain Leader for Jones Lang LaSalle - Richard Thompson

April 20, 2021
Richard Thompson is a Leader for the Global Supply Chain & Logistics Solutions consulting team for Jones Lang LaSalle and he talks with us about the value of supply chain associations

Podcast: Featuring SVP at McKesson - Ammie McAsey

April 7, 2021
Ammie McAsey, Senior Vice President of Customer Distribution Experience at McKesson Pharmaceutical Solutions and Services talks with us about advancements in supply chain leadership.

Podcast: Featuring - Brian Fugate

April 7, 2021
Brian Fugate, Department Chair of Gartner's currently #1 ranked undergraduate supply chain department will talk with us about how he got started in supply chain.

Podcast: Featuring - Debbie Haseley

March 26, 2021
Debbie shares her career journey starting with two decades at Coca Cola where she moved from financial services to the North American Supply Chain, to the global supply chain.

Podcast: Featuring - Erich Wachendorf

March 25, 2021
Erich shares his career journey from the leadership lessons he learned while being a supply officer in the Marines to his first civilian supply chain position in operations at Target, to becoming SR Vice President of Supply Chain at Macy's